2024 Development Plans

Due to the development and construction of rebuilding Constance Campus (67 Constance Street) our learning and care will look slightly different for the 2024 year only.

The new Constance Centre will be state of the art and offering the highest level of learning and experiences for families. 


Some of these improvements include:

Dunlop Campus – fully air-conditioned throughout

Dunlop Campus – complete outside environment recreation – make space for photos 

Dunlop Campus – parking, drop-off and pick up plans in place for 2024

Hastie Campus – outside environment overhaul 

All Centres – investment in new and upgrades learning resources.

Fly-Through Video Tour

2024 Centre Plan

  • Constance Campus (67 Constance Street) – full construction site. No care will be available during 2024.
  • Dunlop Campus – increased care capacity and higher staffing levels to cater for all 0–3-year age group.
  • Hastie Campus (4 Hastie Street) – our Pre-Kindy 3-4 years only.
  • Kindy – will remain in current location, no change.
  • OSHC – temporary location will be at St Thomas Primary School, for duration period.


Please get in touch to arrange centre visits if you are not familiar with new locations for care during the 2024 year.


News Updates

Below: Brand New Dunlop Outside Environment